Product Design
Horn Paul

The Design

Initially, I took on the challenge of a complete rebrand and development of a mobile application that can handle a load of 500,000 users a day. There was a clear need for a newer, better, more effective strategy since the brand had transitioned into offering fully functional online services for paying bills, so terminals were clearly no longer enough. You had to be able to check your account at any time and make a payment. The mobile app made it possible to identify already existing clients and attract new ones.

The Mission

I accomplished great things for the project. I analyzed the competitor, put together a killer strategy and plan for promoting the app, collected a semantic core based on competing products in France, composed texts and descriptions with subsequent A/B tests, placed comments with integrated keywords on Google Play and Apple Store, optimized the application page in stores, implemented Facebook SDK and Firebase analytics, completed split testing of the company advertising offers, launched advertising campaigns with optimized app installation, monitored delivery and key word filtration, and tested and implemented push notifications per promotion with increased cashback.

More Than What You Think

This is an AI application that listens to you read, tracks word accuracy, highlights mistakes, and provides feedback in real time. It works for everyone, including those with dyslexia. It’s an especially clever aid for kids. Children with dyslexia sometimes read words incorrectly, and this app hears and corrects them. It highlights a tough word and breaks it up into syllables. Then it selects the compound word, arranges it according to syllables, and adds it to the list of complicated words.